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 One fine day a sudden desire erupted in my mind why not  to make an existence of mine  in the e-world.Being a non computer professional the job was slightly daunting, But an unequivocal desire of making a personal e-page was on its peak .

The brain is a marvelous thing. It never stops working from the time you’re born until the moment you’re about to make a  picture, a speech or even a personal web page like this.

A creation of this dimension cannot happen overnight. The wheels start rolling months in advance. It requires meticulous planning and execution and an eye for details. 

have been fortunate enough to be backed by a Husband like Amit although his domain is (Java, J2E and some more sorry, Amit ! I tend to forget everytime!), but to extend his support he refurbished his HTML skills , for a friction of seconds we thought the finance & Software domain of ours has flipped to the world of animation as on every page i wanted something different  .I  cannot thank him enough for the involvement he  has shown and the willingness he has expressed to help me on the completion of this website  beyond his  comfort zones. 





 Hope You enjoyed Viewing My Site